2021-01-19: I'm sporadically webcasting vintage Whole Wheat Radio audio. Not sure why except that we can. Hope you're doing well... http://wholewheatradio.duckdns.org:8000/WWR

A Google doc for communicating is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CQKXEc0musM8pl78BtnKW0GJouhKilsGyve5nCmxtxI/edit?usp=sharing but you have to ask for permission.

Sincere thanks to Ruben Schade for his self-motivated work describing Whole Wheat Radio's historical and pioneering place in the worlds of live webcasting, wiki, audio magazines (aka "podcasts"), live house concerts and the internets.

If you're looking for me personally or professionally, I'm deliberately not available in the usual places ... but I do maintain a public LinkedIn page and website.